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Victoria Nazarenko (Co-investigator)

Victoria Nazarenko is Secretary General of the National Assembly of People with Disabilities of Ukraine. She is an experienced activist working to protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. She has been responsible for developing and implementing a range of international and national projects and programmes aimed at the social protection and support of persons with disabilities and their family members. She has been supporting the organisational development of public organizations of people with disabilities in different regions of Ukraine. 


The key focus of her work is facilitating the development of the national policy on the rights of persons with disabilities, fostering conditions for persons with disabilities to exercise human rights on an equal basis with others, promoting meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in decision-making on issues directly affecting them, and raising awareness and training of persons with disabilities and of practitioners working in relevant fields. She is a member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. 


Since 2014, she has been involved with the issues of social protection of internally displaced persons with disabilities through her work at the National Assembly of Persons with Disabilities of Ukraine. As a result, more than 2,000 persons with disabilities in Eastern Donbass and Crimea benefitted from social, psychological, legal and financial assistance.


She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration. 

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