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Bowl of Peaches

Training Materials 

Participatory research is at the core of our project - from design to data collection, analysis and dissemination. As part of the project, we are delivering two series of training for our researchers - people with disabilities who are involved in advocacy and campaigning as, on behalf of and for people with disabilities. 

Access to training files requires a password - please contact us at if you require access / need a password to open these. 

'Nothing about us...without us'​ - a series of three workshops on conducting participatory research with people with disabilities delivered by Dr Susie Balderston 

Workshop 1 (May 2021): Principles for Good Research.

Workshop 2 (May 2021): Ethics and safety, and Interviewing Skills.

Workshop 3 (June 2021): How to use research findings to foster change and who do we need to tell our findings to.

'Human Rights Framework and Removing Disabling Barriers to Being and Doing' - a series of two workshops delivered by Dr Jo Ferrie (July 2021) 

Workshop 1 (June 2021) Using Human Rights Based Approach in Research 

Workshop 2 (June 2021) Human Rights and Disability: Scotland, Legislation and Implementation


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