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Dr Jo Ferrie (Co-investigator)

Jo is an expert in social research methods and in teaching social research methods. She has made a significant contribution to understanding the barriers experienced by disabled people; and the value of human rights frameworks to remove barriers to being and doing. 

Jo has made a significant contribution to teaching research methods, at the University of Glasgow, as Founding Director of Glasgow Q-Step Centre, and as Deputy Director for Training at Scotland's ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership, the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences. She is passionate about creating learning environments that teach research methods well. She has built undergraduate programmes, notably delivering 6 new degrees ‘with Quantitative Methods’ for Q-Step, and built postgraduate methods learning environments and contributed to the MEd in Academic Practice hosted by LEADS, for academic staff. 

Jo has based at the Centre for Disability Research at the University of Glasgow since 2001. She completed her PhD in 2008 and have worked on over a dozen research projects all examining the barriers faced by disabled people with a focus on barriers that are socially constructed. She has also looked critically at how a human rights approach can usefully tackle the oppression faced by disabled people and other groups.

She has been a member of the Scottish Human Rights Commission's Research Advisory Group since 2012 and is Chair of the Board of Trustees of Making Rights Real, a charity launched in 2020 to deliver change for communities facing human rights violations in Scotland. 

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